Curriculum » Edgenuity Online Learning Platform How-To Documents

Edgenuity Online Learning Platform How-To Documents

Edgenuity How-To Documents



NEW For Teachers - How to find answers to assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.  in Edgenuity.


NEW How to reset assignments, lessons, projects, etc. for students who were not successful in Edgenuity and how to grade projects.


NEW Printing Guided Notes for Students and Answer Keys for Teachers


What All Classes Are Available in Edgenuity? (Sortable)


BHS Courses in/not in Edgenuity


BMS Courses in/not in Edgenuity


Which Edgenuity Course Should I Enroll a Student in?


Logging in to Edgenuity for Students


Logging in to Edgenuity and Assigning Courses for Teachers


How to Log in to Edgenuity without Clever (For teachers and students)


How to Check on a Student’s Progress (Log) and Progress Report


How to turn on Text-To Speech & Translation Accommodations, Add Parent Contact Email, and Automatic Notifications 


Resetting a Quiz or adding a Retake


How to see your students on one screen


Viewing Specific Student Groups in your Dashboard and Creating Student Groups

Accommodating Coursework for a Student in Edgenuity


Finding Edgenuity Scope and Alignment Documents for Placing Students in Appropriate Units Mid-Semester


Placing a DAEP Student in Edgenuity (Mid-Year)


How students can search for words within a video lesson


How do I Request to Modify/Change a Course for a Student?


Enrolling a Credit Recovery Student in Courses


How to Get Started Using Edgenuity Cheat Sheet


Editing Secondary Courses (DAEP Only)


Adding Elementary Students and Editing Elementary Courses (DAEP Only)


How to Log into Edgenuity WITHOUT Clever (Elementary DAEP)