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Student Accident Insurance

Burnet CISD has purchased student accident insurance for any student that participates in a UIL event and accident insurance for any student while at school or involved in a school sponsored event.

Please note this is a limited benefit policy that is secondary to the student’s primary insurance and any charges above the policy limits are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Campus Nurse Contacts:

Bertram Elementary - Paige Parks  [email protected]

Shady Grove Elementary - Olivia Gowin [email protected]

RJ Richey Elementary - Shelia Wisian [email protected]

Burnet Middle School - Amy Murray [email protected]

Burnet High School - Shelli Houston [email protected]

Quest High School - Amy Murray [email protected]

Athletic Trainer Contacts:

Angel Rios - [email protected]

Mariah Jones - [email protected]

District Contact:

Misty Leporin - [email protected]