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Student Accident Insurance

Burnet CISD has purchased student accident insurance for any student that participates in a UIL event
and accident insurance for any student while at school or involved in a school sponsored event.

Please note this is a limited benefit policy that is secondary to the student’s primary insurance and any
charges above the policy limits are the responsibly of the parent or guardian.

Please contact your student’s campus nurse with any questions about the student accident insurance

Campus Nurse Contacts:

Bertram Elementary - Paige Parks  [email protected]

Shady Grove Elementary - Amy Murray [email protected]

RJ Richey Elementary - Shelia Wisian [email protected]

Burnet Middle School - Amy Murray [email protected]

Burnet High School - Shelli Houston [email protected]

Quest High School - Amy Murray [email protected]

Athletic Trainer Contacts:

Angel Rios - [email protected]

Mariah Jones - [email protected]

District Contact:

Misty Leporin - [email protected]