Facilities and Operations

802 North Wood,  Burnet, Texas 78611  |  phone: 512-756-2972   |  fax: 512-756-4472
Senior Director of Operations
Josh Albro, [email protected]
Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations
Brian Gilmore, [email protected] 
Custodial Services Supervisor
Peggy Hill, [email protected]
Facilities and Operations Secretary
Donna Horrigan, [email protected]
All district staff can enter work request in the SchoolDude work order system. Contact the Facilities and Operations Department to be setup on the work order system. Once you have been set up, an email will be sent to you, with your login information.  Go to the District Intranet page or the Facilities and Operations web page and click on SchoolDude or Maintenance Request link.  You will enter your login info.  When you enter the SchoolDude work request, it is self-explaining. Each request must have the approval of the Building Principal or Director, before being assigned to the Maintenance Department. Each work order request must include, as much information as possible related to the problem. In cases of an emergency, contact the Facilities and Operations Department at 512-756-2972.  The Facilities and Operations Director, Charlie Goble can be contacted after hours for emergencies. All work must have a formal work request. If your need is urgent (HVAC not working, water pipe breaks, etc), please call our office so that we can address the problem quickly, and then enter a formal work request for us. 
School Dude

For projects or minor construction needs, contact our office and we will be glad to walk you thru the process and answer any questions you may have. Projects will be sent to the District Cabinet meeting for review, after the Principal or Director has approved the project request. Project request will need to show a source of funding.