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Elementary Car-Rider Pickup Process

BCISD uses the CarRiderPro system at Bertram elementary, RJ Richey Elementary and Shady Grove Elementary for dismissal. To recieve a CarRiderPro tag, contact your child's elementary campus.
CarRiderPro FAQs
BCISD utilizes enhanced technology to make pick-up more secure and efficient. Please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, and contact your campus office with any additional questions.
How does the system work?
Each car tag is associated with a student (not a car) in the CarRiderPro software. When the tag is recognized as the parent approaches the reader in the pickup line, a notification flashes to an inside monitor where students are waiting.
To ensure the number is read, parents must have the tag hanging from the rear-view mirror before entering the pickup line in order for the reader to recognize the number.
What campuses are included in the enhanced car-rider procedures?
All elementary campuses utilizes the CarRiderPro system. 
How reliable are the tags?
The system is designed and engineered to work in all weather situations and has been tested by multiple districts in the past with no reports of weather-related malfunction. Should internet connections be lost, the system can run on mobile data plans. In the event that the system is temporarily out of order, campuses can use hard copies of the registration and the physical numbers on tags to release students appropriately.

How did the District fund this program?
CarRiderPro is purchased with federal grant funds that were earmarked for safe and positive school environments. This grant allows us to improve the safety of students outside of our regular budget.

What does this mean for carpooling and ride-sharing?
When parents register their student in CarRiderPro, a space is available to add multiple names for ride-sharing. Parents can even specify the day of the week. For irregular schedules, parents can allow a ride-share driver to use their tag temporarily. They may also purchase additional tags for car-pool use.

Parents driving a carpool should hang all the students’ tags from the rearview mirror so that notifications for each child will be displayed inside. The system is sensitive enough to read multiple tags hanging in one location.

How will this impact daycare and church vans?
These vehicles are easily recognizable. Campuses will continue to have staff members monitoring the car rider line outside. When daycare and church vans approach, they will park in a designated area, and those students will be called out to load.

Will I have to buy the tags?
BCISD will provide two tags per FAMILY (because each tag links to all children in the family) at no charge. If additional tags are desired, they will be sold at the district’s cost of $5.00 apiece.

How can I pick up without a tag?
Just as in prior years with paper tags, authorized adults or parents can pick up without a tag by parking and going inside the school office to sign their student out with a valid ID. Additional tags can be purchased for $5.00.

What if I lose my tag?
In the event that a tag is lost, parents should contact the school office to have that tag number disabled and a new tag number issued. Replacement tags are available for $5.00.

I have multiple children at multiple campuses. Will I need a tag for each?
Each tag can be linked with multiple student profiles across multiple campuses. Parents do not need separate tag accounts for each child.

How will grandparents or other occasional pickups be handled?
As always, authorized adults who are listed in the student’s file for pick-up may park and go into the school office to pick up if they do not have a tag.