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 805 North Wood Street,  Burnet, Texas 78611  |  phone: 512-756-2119   |  fax: 512-715-5176
Transportation Director
Michelle Ramm, mramm@burnetcisd.net
Transportation Coordinator
Transportation Secretary
Bonnie Morris, bmorris@burnetcisd.net
Transportation Secretary
CherylEvans, cevans@burnetcisd.net
Tim LeBoeuf

Lead Driver/Trainer
Judy Floyd
For bus route and bus stop information, please click on the link below.  
Bus Route Stats
                                                                 Coverage Area: 700 square miles,                                                                   
Students Transported: Approximately 1,200  
Routes: 32   
Miles Driven: Approximately 3,064 per day
Safe Stop App
Burnet CISD Transportation is excited to announce the Safe Stop App is live effective Monday, September 17, 2017! However, due to continued complications with the app provider, it is not yet being rolled out to its fullest capacity. The feature that provides estimated arrival times is not active yet. However, you can use the map to monitor the progress of the bus your student is registered to ride. We anticipate the feature that provides estimated arrival times to become active in the next 7-14 days. As the feature becomes active, we will communicate that via Facebook and the Transportation Department web page. Please refer to the same location for instructions on downloading the app. Click on the link to the right entitled Safe Stop Parent User Guide.
Eligibility for Regular Ed Bus Service
Transportation is available for students who live two miles or more from their assigned school. The distance a student lives from their assigned school is measured using the shortest route that may be traveled on publicly maintained roads between the campus and the driveway of the student’s legal residence.  Students residing within two miles of their assigned school may have Transportation available if their neighborhood qualifies as hazardous under the district's hazardous transportation rating system.
Loading the Bus
Regular transportation attempts to arrive at every bus stop on time.  Due to the variances between individual clocks, weather, and traffic conditions, students are asked to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time, and wait 5 minutes after the scheduled pickup time prior to contacting Transportation to determine the location of the bus.  Also, parents are encouraged to utilize the SAFE STOP app that will be available in September to get estimated arrival times to their stop.  
Buses will load students and depart the stop.  Regular Ed buses cannot wait at the bus stop for students.  They must make their stop and proceed immediately if no students are present at the stop. Upon loading at the campus, students are expected to proceed immediately to the buses.  Campus administration releases the buses from the campus. Bus drivers are instructed not to stop or open the door for late students and/or parents because of safety concerns.
Route Design
Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing route efficiency.  Route efficiency is the effort to minimize the length of time all of our students are on a "Home to School" bus.  BCISD has a goal to not pickup any student prior to 6:00 a.m., and to have all ACE students home by 7:00 p.m.  Group stops assist greatly in helping us reach this goal.
Students with bus stops on a major roadway (Including, but not limited to the following: Hwy 29, Hwy 281, Hwy 183, FM 963, FM 243, FM 1174, RR 261) are expected to stand a minimum of 50 feet from the roadway, if possible.   It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children until they are safely on the bus, and to supervise them when they depart the bus in the afternoon.  Stops are not placed in dead-end streets to minimize bus accidents while backing (Backing is a very dangerous maneuver for a school bus).  Stops are spread as far apart as criteria will allow in order to help decrease the number of stops each bus will make on its route; thus minimizing riding time for the students.
All Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade students MUST have an authorized adult present at the bus stop to receive the student.  If an authorized adult is not present at the drop off location, the student will be returned to the campus at the conclusion of the route.
Student Seating
All Elementary age students up through the 5th grade are required to sit three (3) students per seat beginning in the front going toward the back of the bus. Middle School students may sit two (2) students per seat, but in some cases will be asked to sit three (3) students per seat. High School students may sit two (2) students per seat, but in rare cases may be asked to sit three (3) students per seat.

Boys and Girls are not allowed to sit together. This includes male and female siblings.

Bus Drivers are required to have assigned seating for each student. Students should sit youngest to oldest from the front of the bus to the back. However, this can be adjusted based on Student Management needs, and at the discretion of each campus.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find out my students' route information?
Beginning August 15, parents will be able to utilize the InfoFinder I link on this page to find your students information.  Simply click on the link, type in your address, and click search.  You will either see the stop information, or a message to call BCISD Transportation for more information.
How do I sign my child up for Bus Service?
Fill out the Bus Rider Permit form completely and turn into the campus or Transportation.
Can my younger student walk home with their older sibling from the bus stop?
Transportation must have written documentation from a parent or legal guardian stating that a younger child will be released to an older sibling.  Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade MUST have an approved adult or approved sibling at the stop.  All approvals must be in writing and will not be accepted via phone calls. 
Why are the buses late the first few weeks of school?
Loading at the campuses takes additional time for teachers, school staff, and bus drivers to get familiar with the students.  During this time, there is increased traffic around all campuses and our first priority is to get your students home safe.
Can my student ride the bus to his or her workplace?
We do not transport students to their workplace.  They are only allowed to be transported to their designated stop.
Can my student ride home with another student on another bus?
Unfortunately, our buses operate near capacity for maximum efficiency, so this is not allowed.
Who do I contact in the event of an emergency when I need my student dropped off at a different location?
The campus where your student attends.  Once the bus has left the campus, the student can only be dropped at their designated stop or returned to the campus.
Can the bus stop and allow my student to use the restroom while on route?
Buses are not equipped with restroom facilities.  Buses are not allowed to stop while on route to allow students to use the restroom.  All students are encouraged to use the restroom prior to loading the bus.
Why does my student get off the bus hot when the bus supposedly has air conditioning?
The air conditioner in a school bus does not cool like the air conditioner in your home or vehicle.  The bus is not insulated as your home and vehicle are.  Also, the door is opened and closed between 40 and 50 times per route, so the cool air goes out the door.
Can my student eat or drink on the bus?
Students my bring a bottle of water that has a lid on the bus.  Students may not eat on the bus.  Students may not eat on the bus due to an increased choking hazard, as well as the possibility that any food may be shared with a student that has an allergy to the food.
What time does my student need to be at the bus stop?
Students should be at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the stop time.
Is someone going to call me if the bus is running late?
Parents are encouraged to utilize the Safe Stop App beginning in September to determine the proximity of the bus to your stop.
If I am not at home, will my student be dropped off?
Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade students MUST have an authorized adult present at the bus stop in order to be released.  If an authorized adult is not present, the student will be returned to the campus at the conclusion of the route.  Students that are 2nd grade and above may be dropped off without an adult present. 
If I cannot meet my child, can I send someone else to meet the bus?
The only people that a Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade student will be released to are people that are authorized to take the student home.  This authorization comes from paperwork filled out that the campus.
Can my student have a blanket and pillow on the bus?
To ensure the safety of all students on board, blankets and pillows are not allowed on General Ed buses.
Do I have to stop when a bus is loading or unloading students on a 4 lane highway?
Yes.  If there is not a solid concrete or landscaped divider, you are required by law to stop.
Do I have to stop when a bus is stopped at a Railroad Crossing?
The law only requires school buses, charter buses, and vehicles transporting hazardous materials to stop at Railroad Crossings. However, all vehicles should proceed across Railroad Crossings using caution.


Bus Service   Registration 

  • Bus Rider Permit should be filled out completely and returned to the Campus your child attends or to Transportation        
  • Alternate Site Request Form should be filled out completely and returned to the Campus your child attends or Transportation.  If the stop is approved, a Transportation staff member will contact you within 3-5 days with the stop information.
  • Bus Safety Guidelines should be reviewed with your student, and the last page should be signed and turned in with your Bus Rider Permit.                                           
Transportation Forms  
All address changes must be handled at the campus
your child attends, and the campus will inform Transportation that the student is registering for Bus Service.