Food Service

Food Service Offices
Physical Address: 301 E. 3rd Street,   Burnet, Texas 78611  |  Phone: 512-715-5150   |  Fax: 512-715-5154
Mailing Address: 208 E. Brier Burnet, TX 78611
Director of Food Services
Carley Carpenter, [email protected]
Nutrition Specialist
Jodi Wagner, [email protected]
Megan Garcia, [email protected]

Online Meal Application - Click here for online meal application

Families must submit a new application for free and reduced-price meals each year in order to determine eligibility. Families only need to complete ONE application per family. Families may apply anytime during the year. Children do not become eligible for free or reduced-price meals until the meal application is processed and approved by the Food Service Department. Meal applications for free and reduced -price meals are available online at in all school offices and the Food Service Office.
Online Meal Payment  -  Click here for online meal payments
The Food Service Department encourages prepayment of all meals. Prepayment will speed up the serving lines, and eliminate the need to bring money to school daily. You may also view current purchases and deposits on the student's account at SchoolCafe charges a $2.25 convenience fee for each credit card transaction up to $100.  Parents also have the option to pre-pay with cash or a check in the cafeteria which does not require a convenience fee.

Meal Pricing
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 addresses the Equity in School Lunch Pricing. This law requires school officials to evaluate school lunch pricing annually. School officials must set paid meal prices at a minimum level to ensure the government reimbursement for free and reduced-price meals is not subsidizing paid meals.

**Menus are subject to change due to weather and supply chain issues.

2023-2024 Lunch Prices

Elementary $0.00
Middle School  $2.60                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              High School $2.85                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Reduced-Price Lunch $ .40                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Adult $4.75 

USDA has a regulation regarding adult meal pricing, as well. School officials must set meal prices higher than the free reimbursement rate plus commodity rate per meal plus the supplemental payment rate.

All meals are priced as a unit, however, each item is available a la carte.

A La Carte Foods and Snacks                                                                                                                                                          Burnet CISD Food Service Department offers students healthy snacks to be purchased in all cafeteria locations. All snacks for purchase meet the healthy Smart Snack requirements.           

If you do not wish for your student to purchase snacks, please contact Megan Garcia, Food Service Secretary, at [email protected] or 512-715-5150.                                                                     

A student must be offered at least all five food components and the weekly vegetable subgroups. The food items selected may be from any of the required components and must be served in at least the minimum daily portion. Students may select all five components or at least three components including a fruit or vegetable.

A student must be offered at least four food items and may decline only one food item. The food items selected may be from any of the required components and must be served in at least the minimum daily portion. A student must select a fruit or vegetable to be considered a reimbursable meal.

Charging Policy
Students are permitted to charge meals.  Outstanding balances will be communicated on a daily basis.  Parents will be contacted directly when their child's account exceeds the district  charging threshold.
No a la carte items may be charged.

All negative balances must be paid by the last day of school. All balances will carry over into the following school year.

Student Meal Account Management
The management of the student account is the parent's responsibility. All charges are required to be paid in full by the end of the school year. Positive and negative balances are carried over each school year.

If you have a child withdrawing or graduating and who has a positive balance, you have two options. You may transfer the funds to another account or you can receive a refund. It is the parents’ responsibility to complete the Account Transfer Request form, which is located on the Food Service web page, and return the form to the food service office
The Burnet County Hunger Alliance (BCHA) is a volunteer group of food pantries, churches, school administrators, elected official's area leaders and active citizens who have committed to End Hunger in Burnet County.  BCHA helps coordinate and direct people to existing resources and find gaps in service with the goal being three healthy meals daily to anyone in Burnet County who needs them.
Printable calendars listing food pantry hours and community meals are available on the BCHA website for the Burnet and Marble Falls areas.
The Burnet County Hunger Alliance website is:
Special Dietary Needs
Special dietary needs will need to be communicated with the campus nurse.  The school nurse will forward the Health Management Plan to the Food Service Department.  The Food Service Department will create an "avoid food alert" message on the students' meal account.