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Burnet CISD PreKindergarten Family Engagement Plan
The Burnet Consolidated Independent School District believes that all parents, teachers, and community leaders are a valuable link in the educational success of all students. We promote the involvement of these key stakeholders by having them take part in the process that allows them to contribute to our school community providing input regarding the services offered in an effort to maximize the quality of education for Pre-Kinder students in BCISD. We have established a Family Engagement Plan to increase the collaboration between all stakeholders. The active participation of parents, teachers, business and community leaders in all aspects of students’ education is a valuable tool that the Burnet Consolidated ISD welcomes and respects.
Facilitate family-to-family support
BCISD includes parental involvement activities to form campus-family relationships, and provide parents with opportunities to participate in district and campus initiatives through mentoring programs, volunteer opportunities and community out-reach efforts. The Parent Resource Center is designed to facilitate parent and community involvement.
Establish a network of community resources
Bluebonnet Trails Community Services provides mental health and Developmental Disabilities services. The Center focuses on ensuring access to substance abuse services and operates as the Outreach, Screening, Assessment and Referral (OSAR) entity in the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The Center also contracts with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services to provide early childhood intervention services (ECI) to children and the families of those children, ages 0 – 3 years, who have developmental problems.
Hill Country Child Advocacy Center
HCCAC’s Family Advocates serve as the initial point of contact for children and families who are referred to the Center for services. The Center serves as a family advocate and provides referrals to appropriate community resources. At HCCAC, the Family Advocate’s primary focus is to provide protective caregivers with immediate crisis intervention, ongoing case management and follow-up care so caregivers have the support they need to take care of their child, their family, and themselves.
Increase family participation in decision-making
Campus Advisory Committee
Each campus has a Campus Advisory Committee comprised of administrators, campus staff, parents and community members. The team provides input on the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) and the campus’s goals and strategies for improving student achievement. Members are selected by the school administration at the beginning of each school year. Contact the campus directly for more information.
District Advisory Committee
The District Advisory Committee is comprised of administrators, campus staff, parents and community members. The committee provides input on the District Improvement Plan (DIP) and the district’s goals and strategies for improving parent involvement and student achievement. Members are selected by district administration at the beginning of the school year.

Burnet CISD Parent Link
BCISD provides parents information on the district website that includes links to important parent documents, YMCA after school information, grades, attendance and volunteer information. It allows parents to access their student’s schedule, homeroom teacher, absences, and more.
Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning
Campus Events
Each campus holds events throughout the year for families to attend with their student. These events focus on different activities parents can do with their child to enhance their overall learning experience at home and school. These events take place during or after school. Check your campus’s website for upcoming events.

Parent Resource Center
The Parent Resource Center hosts periodic parent workshops for families. These sessions provide families with demonstrations of learning tools to use in the home. Check the district calendar for upcoming events in the district.
Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks.
Progress Monitoring Programs
Teachers receive training in best practices for sharing online resources on teacher websites and during parent conferences. Teachers are trained to support parents in interpreting data from progress monitoring programs such as ARC, Aimsweb and Istation.

District Advisory Committee
Through participation on district advisory committees, teachers from across the district come together to discuss the importance of engaging families and to share best practices and tools for effective parent outreach.

Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement.
From parent feedback forms at family events to district-wide parent surveys, a variety of methods and data are used to collect feedback. The administration uses this information to evaluate the effectiveness of current family engagement practices and to plan for the next school year.