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Parent Resources

Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process
A Guide for Parents and Students About Special Education Services in Texas

SPEDTex provides special education information to parents, families, and anyone else that contacts them.  Individuals can reach out by phone, email, or live chat through the SPEDTex.org website.  In addition to assisting parents, families, and other stakeholders with questions. SPEDTex has several informative resources available to the public.

A project of the Texas Education Agency committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents and families of students with disabilities

Parent Companion First Five Years website is a guide for Texas Parents and caregivers of children diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.

Partners Resource Network can help you understand your child’s disability, understand your rights and responsibilities under IDEA, obtain and evaluate resources and services, and effectively participate as an equal team member with professionals in planning services for your child.

The Parent Coordination Network (PCN) is committed to ensuring parents of students with disabilities receive accurate and timely information to assist them in making informed choices in their child's education.  Network members have identified the following priorities: joint training opportunities for parents, collaboration with other parent training organizations, and technical assistance to parents and school district personnel in the area of special education.​

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide provides youth, young adults, parents, and professionals with secondary transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals to education, employment, and community living.

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide is a living, working online resource tool. Legislative changes, input from parents, students, and stakeholders will be added as they become available. This online guide will continually be updated. 

Find the right accommodations for your student
Special Education Parent Handbooks
Senate Bill 139 - Notice to Families
Compensatory Services - COVID-19