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Cyber Security Tips

  • Change your passwords often. If you need help, contact the technology department at x1000.
  • Use different passwords for different applications.
  • Do not provide your password, user name or other sensitive information in response to an email from ANY source.
  • Legitimate sources will NEVER ask for passwords or sensitive information from you via email.
  • If you receive a questionable email from someone within BCISD, call them to ensure its validity.
  • Be careful clicking links within an email. Hover over links embedded in an email to determine the true destination.  When hovering over a link in Gmail, the actual URL will show up at the bottom of the browser window, indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot. If the actual link does not match the page you think you should be going to, use caution before clicking. When in doubt, contact the Technology Department for guidance. We are always happy to help with these questions.
    Link Checking
  • Be cautious and aware when using Free WiFi.
  • Be cautious before using unknown USB drives (thumb drives, flash drives, etc.).
  • Only download apps from trusted sources (not 3rd party sources).