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Strategic Planning 2022

Beginning in the fall of 2022, Burnet CISD engaged in a Strategic Planning Process with the goal of creating a new plan to guide the work of the District for the next 5 years. The District had a prior Strategic Plan in place since 2017. The Strategic Planning Process consisted of the following meetings and planning actions:
Town Hall Meeting- Staff and community members were invited to learn about the Strategic Planning Process, and to provide input to the process by brainstorming and sharing strengths and challenges of the District. Feedback was also provided toward a District Graduate Profile.
Leadership Team- The District's Leadership Team met to analyze District data, conduct a root cause analysis, and develop focus areas called Strands for the Strategic Plan. Feedback was also provided toward a District Graduate Profile.  
Steering Committee- The Strategic Planning Steering Committee met to develop the foundational elements of the District’s Strategic Plan which includes the District's Beliefs, Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals based on the Strands developed by the Leadership Team. The Steering Committee was comprised of staff, students, parents, community leaders, and business leaders.
Action Planning Teams- District staff gathered by Strategic Goal to develop detailed action steps over the next 5 years toward the accomplishment of the Strategic Goal.
Board of Trustees- The Board was represented in the Strategic Planning Process by Board Secretary Earl Foster. The Board received two status reports during the process, with the opportunity to provide feedback, before formally approving the Strategic Plan.    
The District would like to thank the over 70 people that participated in the strategic planning process that included students, staff, parents, community leaders, business leaders, and the Board of Trustees. Below you will find the foundational elements of the Burnet CISD Strategic Plan. 
Burnet Consolidated ISD crafts an inspiring future which embodies spirit, pride, and honor with each student.
Burnet Consolidated ISD, in partnership with our community, prepares all students for a successful future in an ever-changing world. We provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming learning environment and hold high expectations for continuous improvement. We promote the individual growth of each student through high-quality academics, character development, and well-rounded extra-curricular activities.
  • All students can learn and deserve the opportunity and resources to excel.
  • Highly-effective instruction and student engagement are important for student success.
  • A safe school environment is essential for stakeholder well-being, which includes physical security, a culture of mutual respect, and a sense of belonging.
  • Contributions of all stakeholders are vital to ensure student success and prepare them for their future.
  • A community with passion and support promotes successful student development.
By 2028, 100% of Burnet CISD students will meet or exceed challenging academic expectations.
  • Strategy 1: Expand and implement a district-wide system for the effective use of high-quality instructional resources and evaluation tools.
  • Strategy 2: Develop a district-wide system which cultivates engaged classrooms to promote student ownership of learning.
  • Strategy 3: Develop a district-wide system to support data-informed instruction, intervention, and extension.
By 2028, Burnet CISD will establish a safe and supportive environment focused on the well-being and connectedness of 100% of students, staff, and families.
  • Strategy 1: Develop a district-wide system to involve all students, staff, and families in creating and maintaining a safe and supportive school environment.
  • Strategy 2: Develop a district-wide system to engage families, students, and staff in all aspects of student learning.
By 2028, Burnet CISD will attract, support, develop, and retain highly-effective staff for 100% of our district positions.
  • Strategy 1: Expand the district-wide recruiting system to differentiate and elevate Burnet CISD in order to attract highly-effective staff.
  • Strategy 2: Develop a district-wide system to provide staff the support and opportunities to professionally grow and experience high levels of workplace satisfaction for retention.
By 2028, 100% of Burnet CISD students will be prepared to lead themselves to success and navigate life.
  • Strategy 1: Create a district-wide system to develop student life-ready skills.
  • Strategy 2: Develop a district-wide system to guarantee post-secondary readiness for every student.