Gems of Appreciation

Sara Ivicic, Transportation Department

"Sara is a gem in our department because she continually goes above and beyond by investing in and caring about her students. Sara helped at registration, helped ready the fleet for school, answered phones, and assisted as needed in the office. Sara is the epitome of a team player."

Becky Crook, Facilities and Operations Department

"Becky is an amazing custodian. She goes above and beyond in keeping Shady Grove clean, organized and safe. Without her and her amazing team, it would have been difficult for us to be ready on the first day of school."

Joann Chapa, Food Service Department

"Joann has been a dedicated and hardworking Manager for many years. She cares about each and every student and it shows in the quality of food the kitchen serves. Her friendly smile and personality does not go unnoticed."

Jeremy Hill, Burnet Middle School

"Even though Mr. Hill is new to our campus as the AP, he has jumped right in and is ALWAYS willing do what needs to be done or come up with a plan to make things run more smoothly. He is always actively building relationships with students and is making himself very visible to the students."

Deidra Hall, Central Office

"BCISD Accountant Deidra Hall is always there to help anyone and has been a great help to many with the end of year rollover. She is a "gem" as far as knowledge of school business and procedures."

Colt Carmichael, Quest High School

"As a new addition to our district Mr. Carmichael has proven to be a valuable asset and a true gem. He is both fair and consistent with the students placed in DAEP."

Julie Ebeling, Shady Grove Elementary

"Instructional Partner Julie Ebeling is always there to help and ask what she can do that needs to be done. In addition to her can do attitude, she loves her job and the children of Shady Grove! No is not in Julie’s vocabulary."

Caity Clinton, Burnet High School

"Caity Clinton was selected based on her excellent instructional practices and leadership on our campus. She is responsible for planning our Freshman Orientation this year and planning a leadership event for Seniors to help them be more active in leadership on campus."
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