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Gems of Appreciation

Patty Neiman, Quest High School

"Patty Neiman receives many compliments from Quest High School students saying that she goes the extra mile in helping them understand science concepts. Ms. Neiman is very patient and thorough when helping students and always willing to pitch in and help where needed. We are truly blessed to have Patty as part of the Quest High School family. Thank you for your dedication to our students here at Quest!"
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Tommy Schubert, R. J. Richey Elementary

"Tommy is such a hard working and loyal employee. He exemplifies the district vision of Spirit, Pride and Honor! The students and staff at RJ Richey reap the rewards of his hard work every day, and our campus would not be the same without Tommy as a part of our family!"
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Valarie Ullmann, Burnet Middle School

"Valarie Ullmann is a HUGE part of why our campus has a 'homey and family' feel to it. She keeps us all together and makes everyone feel special in some way. She does this not because she is asked to or gets something in return, but because she wants to. Even as the year gets busy and the stress of getting her kids ready for the state mandated test takes its toll, she continues to make us feel appreciated."
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Karen Melton, Burnet High School

"January's BHS Gem of Appreciation is Karen Melton! Mrs. Melton tirelessly serves BHS students. She is always willing to help with any situation and is a champion for our students. Please congratulate Mrs. Melton; BHS is thankful and appreciative of her service!"
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Donna Edmonds, Shady Grove Elementary

"Donna Edmonds moved from teaching Pre-K to 1st grade this year. She has transitioned with such grace and has become an instrumental part of the team. She takes on any challenge that comes her way and does it with kindness and compassion. She has created an incredible bond with her students, families and team. It is evident that she cares deeply for the students of Shady Grove."
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Adam Hermes, Central Office

"Adam Hermes was surprised at an impromptu staff meeting by being presented the Gem of Appreciation for January from the Central Office Team. Adam's official title is Director of Technology, but there is nothing that he isn't willing to do to support a teacher, student or fellow staff member. His servant leadership is what earned him the Gem of Appreciation."
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Charlsie Bremer, Bertram Elementary

"Bertram Elementary is extremely proud to recognize Mrs. Bremer, Pre-K teacher, as our November Gem! Mrs. Bremer is one amazing lady as she contributes in so many ways on our campus. Mrs. Bremer is always excited to see her students and her patience never wears thin. Her generous nature and loving heart helps to create a positive environment on our campus.
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Charlie Goble, Maintenance and Facilities Department

"Charlie goes above and beyond as a TEAM player. Charlie takes great care of our building maintenance needs. Charlie has, on three different occasions, come to transportation and assisted with emergency situations or answered phones and radios for us to leave due to a bus down while on route. None of these things are in his job description, however he is always here to help and support."
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Tim Perkins, Quest High School

"Coach Perkins is kind and patient with students that can sometimes be the most challenging. His warm demeanor and consistency with students provides an environment in which they can succeed. For these reasons and many more, students enjoy taking his classes"
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