Burnet Consolidated ISD

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January is School Board Appreciation Month

A Message from Superintendent McBurnett:

Debby Boone (yes, the same one that sang the 1977 hit song, “You Light Up My Life) once said, “Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”  The Burnet CISD Board of Trustees is especially effective in planting seeds of vision, high expectations and goals that communicate their desire for Burnet CISD to set the standard for other school districts across the state. Because of their leadership, Burnet CISD offers a wide array of award winning instructional and extracurricular offerings, which allows students to “plant the seeds” of their choice for their future.

Elected Board Members play a crucial role in our community and schools. Trustees are extraordinary people who voluntarily tackle the enormous job of governing a school district with 3,200 students, 490 employees and a $28M budget. Each one of them does it because they want to give back to this school district and to our community. Their actions and decisions affect the present and future lives of our children- they are truly CRAFTING the FUTURE for our students.

From a personal perspective, I have the opportunity to visit with a lot of superintendents across the state, and those conversations reinforce for me what an outstanding Board of Trustees this Board truly is. I am very lucky to be a member of this exceptional “Team of 8”.

Although showing our appreciation should be a year-round commitment, taking advantage of the designated School Board Recognition month in January assures that these important people receive the thanks they deserve. So please join me in thanking the Burnet CISD Board of Trustees comprised of President Andy Feild, Vice President Angela Moore, Secretary Earl Foster and Trustees Robby Robertson, Suzanne Brown, Mark Kincaid and Ross Behrens.

At the January 21 Board Meeting, not only are we going to have the opportunity to recognize the Board of Trustees for their volunteer service, but the Board will also receive information and take action on issues covering topics like academics, personnel, budget and policy. I would encourage our community members to visit a Board Meeting sometime to learn more about Burnet CISD, and to gain a perspective on the important work of the Board. The January 21 Board Meeting will kickoff at 6:30 p.m. with a hearing on the District’s Texas Academic Performance Report followed by the Regular Board Meeting at 6:45 p.m.