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A Little Kindness goes a Long Way

In fact, every employee in the department has been a recipient of this random act of kindness! The mystery was revealed last week when bus driver Tamara Hamm accidentally leaked the news that she was the one that had been leaving the notes. When asked what made her decide to spread the kindness, Tamara replied "When I was in middle school, I was in a group that focused on spreading cheer to others. I have always carried that with me and have encouraged my children to be kind to others and have an optimistic, 'I can do it' attitude."
Tamara encourages the students on her bus to write positive notes or thoughts and tape them to the inside of the bus so others can see them. She also commented, "When the students are dropped off at their campus each morning, I encourage them to treat others with kindness during the day and do their best to keep a positive attitude." Tamara Hamm is just one more example of BCISD Crafting Compassion, and we are so proud to have her here at BCISD.
Tamara (in the red jacket) is pictured with some of the transportation staff members that are treasuring the notes they received:  Nina Goodwin, Elyse Moore, Cheryl Evans, and Karen Savickas.