Burnet Consolidated ISD

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Activity Buses Join BCISD Fleet

These activity buses will be utilized to support field trips and extracurricular trips. Currently, route buses (home to school and school to home), are utilized to transport students for field trips and extracurricular trips. By creating a separate activity bus fleet, limited solely to field trips and extracurricular trips, the following benefits will be realized:
· Activity fleet will reduce the wear and tear on route buses
· Based on usage reports, the activity fleet would be in use almost daily
· Activity fleet will allow route buses to stay on their route providing consistency for students
· Activity fleet will eliminate the need and expense of charter buses
· Activity fleet will be utilized equally throughout all extracurricular activities
· Activity fleet will average less fuel consumption because the buses are built for highway driving; not “stop and go” route driving
Paid for out of the District’s 2017-2018 operating budget, the activity fleet promotes efficiency and Burnet Bulldog pride.