Burnet Consolidated ISD

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2017-2018 School Calendar Status

Did you know that the Texas Education Code states that school districts are not permitted to start school any earlier than the fourth Monday in August? What that means to school districts is that schools were permitted to start this year on August 22, but because of the way the calendar falls schools are not allowed to start next year until August 28. That is six days difference because of an arbitrary law. Six days means fewer breaks or stretching the school year into June, something our community has shared with us that they oppose. 

During the 84th Legislative Session, the Legislature passed HB 1842 which allows local school districts the opportunity to pursue specific innovations in curriculum, instruction, governance, parent or community involvement, school calendar and budgeting as a District of Innovation. In short, like charter schools, it provides the opportunity for BCISD to exercise more local control.

The District is in the process of working with the District Advisory Council and the Board of Trustees to apply for the District of Innovation distinction, which would allow the District multiple flexibilities concerning the Texas Education Code, including the ability to start school as early as August 21.