BJ Gates- Central Office, April 2024

Some things BJ's co-workers shared: 
Since I have worked at BCISD, BJ has always been an inspiration to me. She comes to work with a smile on her face every day, knowing that on any given day she will probably be called on from her normal duties. Sometimes to cover a campus as an administrator, or a hall monitor for testing, or to answer the phones in the front office, and who knows what else! You can definitely tell that she loves being on campuses and around kids. Whenever it is feasible, she will rearrange her regular duties and fill in when needed to help accommodate campuses in need. All of this while doing her job as Elementary Curriculum Coordinator. I think I can speak for RJ, Shady Grove, and Bertram when I say we are all so lucky to have such a special person who cares so much for our kids and campuses.
Dr. Rachel Jones
Assistant Superintendent of C&I