The Andy Feild Spirit, Pride and Honor Award of Distinction

Andy Feild is the epitome of Spirit, Pride, and Honor. As a Burnet High School student, Andy was selected by the faculty as the 1965-1966 Best All Around Male Student. Participation in extra-curricular activities along with his scholastic achievement were some of the factors considered when the faculty selected him. Andy served as a captain on the football team and as the president of the FFA. He was also in the cast of the One Act Play. Fast forward to 1997 when Andy began serving on the Burnet CISD Board of Trustees. Andy has served on the Board for 25 years, and has served as President of the Board since 2005. Burnet CISD is the District it is today because of Andy’s life-long commitment to the District and to Spirit, Pride, and Honor.
Andy- Thank you for your years of service and for being an example of what it means to live a life, and lead a school board, with Spirit, Pride, and Honor.