School Safety and Security Initiatives

A focus on school safety and security, like always, has been a significant part of our preparations for the upcoming school year. In addition to routine safety measures of drills, physical hardening of buildings, security cameras, school resources officers, emergency operation plans, telephones in every classroom, threat assessment teams, and anonymous reporting systems to name just a few, the District will complete the following actions before the first day of school:

  • A targeted safety audit is being completed at all campuses.
  • All exterior doors will be audited to ensure the five major components of all exterior doors are operating correctly.
  • The District safety and security committee will meet to review the results of both of the targeted safety audit and the exterior door audit.
  • School safety and security training will take place at all campuses.
  • All mandatory drills are pre-scheduled for the school year.
  • A system is in place for school resource officers to routinely check doors and gates daily, and in addition, will document a complete campus exterior door sweep at least once a week.