School Year Calendar Revised

Here are the revisions that were approved:
• Change September 27, 2021 from professional development to a regular student day.
• Change October 11, 2021 from professional development to a regular student day.
• Conduct a full day of school on December 16, 2021 rather than an early release.
These revisions were made in order to address the fact that RJ Richey was closed on September 3 and all BCISD campuses were closed September 7-8. Although the existing BCISD calendar included enough banked minutes to absorb the two district-wide missed days and the additional campus day, the Administration recommended a calendar revision to prevent lost instructional minutes so early in the year. Additional COVID complications and/or weather events are possibilities, so the Administration recommended the changes to preserve banked minutes for possible future needs. RJ Richey will also add two minutes to daily instructional minutes beginning with the 2nd six weeks on September 27 through the end of the year. This will allow the campus to “catch up” to the rest of the district in banked minutes in case of future needs.