Burnet Consolidated ISD

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Maximizing Students' Learning

One way to maximize students’ learning is to use simple games in small groups to practice skills. Game play is a great way to use multiple senses and encourage learning. One favorite game that can be used in many different content areas is ZAP - a popsicle stick game. This game is used to practice sight words, but it can be used to practice letters, sounds, numbers, addition/subtraction facts etc.
How to play: Write one sight word on each stick as close to one end as possible so that the words are placed down in the cup and are not seen towards the top. Write the word ZAP on several sticks. Place all sticks in a cup so that the words cannot be seen. Take turns pulling out sticks. If you can read the word, keep it. If you cannot read the word it goes back in the cup. Beware of the ZAP stick! If you get a ZAP stick, all of YOUR sticks go back in the cup. The player with the most sticks at the end of the game wins. Set a timer to end the game, otherwise it could go on forever!
Tasha Briseno
Principal, Shady Grove Elementary