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Strategic Planning Background and Process
When Superintendent Keith McBurnett first arrived in Burnet CISD, a major element of his entry plan was about listening, learning and seeking feedback from district stakeholders. To that end, he met with every campus and department and held forums to meet with the public. During these meetings, he asked the same three questions to help guide the conversations:

• What is getting in the way of all students being successful?
• What do you need to help all students learn?
• What do you expect of me as superintendent?

The feedback he received was invaluable as he worked with the Board of Trustees and the Administration to chart a course of meeting the expectations of stakeholders. Many of the actions as a District the past five years have been guided by that feedback including providing additional planning time for teachers, expanding CTE offerings, adding elementary counselors, adding school resource officers, renovating our facilities, adding behavior staff and many more.
The Board of Trustees and the District Leadership Team decided in the Spring of 2016 that it was time to again engage stakeholders to ensure the right work continues to be done and to make decisions about future work.
In September 2017, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of 40 members representing staff, students, parents, community members, business owners and city and county officials met to develop the foundation for a three-year strategic plan. The work included developing a new vision statement, mission statement and goals based on four areas identified by the Board of Trustees as priorities (Academic Achievement, Culture & Climate, Educator Quality and Family & Community Engagement).
In October and November, the Action Planning Committees met for three days to add specific actions toward accomplishing the four goals. Finally, in late November, the Steering Committee members and Action Planning Committee members met to review the final draft. 
In January 2018, members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee presented the plan to the Board of Trustees for approval. Stakeholders are now in the process of carrying out the 3-year plan and turning the words on the page to action.
Strategic Planning Documents